Service & Business Design for Sustainability & Health and Wellness

Change towards global sustainability in products and services is one of the major challenges of our time. At the same innovation in health and wellness has the potential to transform the lives of millions of people. Stompwell is a business design agency specialized in sustainability & health and wellness. We help our clients to develop their ideas to new concepts, services, products and sustainable business.


About Stompwell

Stompwell was established in 2012 by two passionate business and design professionals. We believe that combining design thinking with lean startup methodology results in better user experience, faster time to market, and eventually more profits. Smooth interaction between the user, software and hardware is always our target. We offer hands-on support for entrepreneurs, product owners and business leaders.


Our services


As a result, a fascinating and illustrative description of a product or service concept will be created. It can be used for project presentation and gathering feedback from creditors, stakeholders and pilot customers at home and abroad. A well-made concept will create an image of the practicality, usability and value of a product or service, thereby attracting the interest of stakeholders, clients and creditors.

Including start-up coaching, business and marketing plans, web presence.



As a result, a tangible technology / product demo will be created. The client will get functional models or applications for product presentations and for gathering feedback from end users. With the help of state of the art prototyping methods, we produce fast-working product concepts that look genuine and can be tested by clients.

A well-made prototype can accelerate product development, improve product quality, usability and customer value, and increase interest from stakeholders, clients and customers.

Including product and service design concepts, user stories, models, UI/UX, prototypes, working demos.



including identity & visuals, product & service design finalization, manufacturing partner validation, overseeing production ramp up and product launch.


Who we are

Jouni Lounasmaa

Jouni´s background is in business and service development with start-ups. After graduation he worked at VTI Technologies with several large sensor programs for Smart, Continental Teves and Siemens Automotive. At Technopolis Ventures and Spinno business incubators he worked as a business advisor with over 50 software, web 2.0 and high tech start-ups. He´s the founder of three start-up companies where he worked as CEO, COO and product owner. Jouni maintains a keen interest in out-door sports.

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Teemu Haapala


Teemu is a design professional with 16 years of business, design and service development experience at Design Agency Fusion (co-founder), VTT Ventures, Hookie Technologies  (co-founder), and Traxmeet (co-founder). Major usability, SW and design projects for Metso Minerals, TTS Liftec, Sisu Trucks and McGregor. Teemu is a co-founder in three start-ups where he worked as CEO, CTO and head of the industrial design department.

Last five years Teemu has been researching and developing multi-platform wearable devices and services for the wellness sector. He is also a passionate sport fisherman and ju-jutsu practicer.

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Anni Pärssinen

Anni is digital art director who has almost a ten-year experience of creating kick-ass user experiences for multi platform digital services with the help of service design methods and tools. Anni’s strength is in understanding the bigger picture and mastering conceptual thinking, but she is also comfortable doing wireframes, making layouts and detailed icons too. While making digital services is Anni’s passion and part of dna, she has also excellent skills for doing rebranding and classic marketing.

In recent years Anni has focused on creating solutions for the pharmaindustry and hospitals in the healthcare sector. Solutions like adherence programs, patient journeys or motivational tools to support the healthy lifestyle. Some other clients she has been working with are Microsoft, Itella, Raisio, Kraft Foods, and Aktia.

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riitta_mettomaki_1Riitta is a service designer with special expertise on behavior change. She’s the only Finn having completed Behavior Design education with Stanford University professor BJ Fogg. Riitta combines her knowledge and experience of design, psychology and communications into sensible strategies, products and services for positive impact on people and business. She has worked with clients such as Aava Medical Centre and The Finnish Mindfulness Institute.
Riitta believes changing behavior doesn’t need to be so hard, we just need better tools and understanding for it. Co-founder, speaker and an experienced user researcher, in her free time she’s an active dancer and a mediocre coding student.

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Jari Välijärvi

Jari is a professional in marketing, brand building and digital service design. Account director and creative team leader with a 10 years of experience in marketing. From concept design to strategy and planning. Worked mainly with b2b, such brands as Neste Jacobs, Componenta Corporation, Tieto, Hoya, Chasswheel, Erto, Siili Solutions etc.

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Visiting adress

Viipurintie 6 LT 1, 00510 Helsinki


Jouni Lounasmaa
+358 50 371 9590
Teemu Haapala
+358 400 776 371



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